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Lori Glori

Intermission was a German Eurodance project that was successful in Europe in 1993-1996. The biggest piece of "My Heart of My Heart" was released in late 1993. Behind Intermission was Dance Music Production (DMP), the Frankfurt am Main German production team, which threatened Michael Eisele, Attack II, Thorsten Adler, Tom Tom, Jacques G. Coint and Jürgen Katzmann. For the first "Honesty" in 1993, the singer was Nina Gerhard, who had already played in many games with Captain Hollywood. The second piece "Piece of My Heart", which Valerie Scott sang, became the top ten in Germany and Austria. "Six Days" and "Give Peace a Chance" met in 1994. The song was performed by Lori Glori, whose voice also produced the results of Centory and Loft. The same year the Piece of My Heart album was released. This includes all previous temporary tracks in their original versions. Since the "Intermission feat. Lori Glori" was released, the original sounds are not authenticated. In 1995, Intermission brought "All Together Now". It was only successful in Switzerland. A few months later he was created by a production team called "Planet Love". Completed by Raquel Gomez's song, "Planet Love" hit Germany with the highest # 24. The "Miracle of Love" small team released in 1996 was in Germany. The last "Blow Your Mind" Interim Report was a DJ MARSS and Lori Glori sang for the project in 1997.

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